Class of 2012

Dr. Jerome Goddard

A public health entomologist turned professor and legendary industry“infotainment” speaker.

George L. Hockenyos

As founder of Sentinel Laboratory in Springfield, Ill., Hockenyos helped chemical manufacturers test their products’ efficacy, then he branched into providing structural pest management services
with Sentinel Pest Control, which, 80 years later, is owned and operated by his son, Jon, and other family members. Hockenyos also chaired the National Pest Control Association’s (now NPMA’s) Materials, Standards and Methods committees from
1935 through 1947 and served as NPCA’s 14th president.

James A. Nelson

The first executive director of the international pest management fraternity Pi Chi Omega and a former editor of this publication who played a pivotal role in the launches of “Truman’s Scientific Guide to
Pest Management Operations” and Purdue University’s related correspondence course, as well as PMP’s sister publication, Landscape Management, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

Dr. Michael F. Potter

An agricultural chemical research-and-development expert turned pest management professional/Orkin national technical director, and then extension entomologist, industry researcher and event speaker and organizer.

Gary W. Rollins

The man leading The Orkin Man … for 45 years and counting.

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