Class of 2011

William E. Blasingame Sr.

“Industry icon” and “pioneer” are repeated over and over again by colleagues of William E. Blasingame Sr., illustrating the importance of his 60-year-plus career in pest management.

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Julius C. Elrich

To say the pest management industry has many pioneers is an understatement. But no discussion of the industry’s history is complete without acknowledging Julius C. Ehrlich — a man who brought respect and professionalism to a business that had suffered the effects of a bad reputation.

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Dr. Roger Gold

Growing up, Dr. Roger E. Gold had to be tough and adaptable. His father was trained as a civil engineer in the military, and that translated to his dad working as a project manager in the construction industry when he returned home from World War II.

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Victor Hammel

That he would be a 2011 PMP Hall of Fame inductee is no surprise to anyone who’s heard of Victor Hammel — and that’s not even counting those who know him personally. After all, his career history is the stuff of which business iconography is made.

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Raymond “Ed” Scherzinger

Perseverance. When discussing posthumous PMP Hall of Fame inductee Raymond Edward “Ed” Scherzinger, that’s the word industry colleagues keep voicing and illustrating.

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