Class of 2010

Paul Adams

Paul K. Adams was among the first researchers to decide for the U.S. Army how to use and apply DDT during World War II, as well as to work with chlordane. He wrote the first minimum termite treatment standards for the State of Louisiana — the first state to develop and implement such guidelines.

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E. Allen James

Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) was born and the man picked to lead this organization from its infancy to successful advocacy group was E. Allen James. Under James’ leadership, RISE grew from a small idea into a powerful opponent of the anti-pesticide movement with a $3 million annual budget.

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Bob Kunst

It took the National Pest Control Association (NPCA) more than 60 years to grow to about 1,600 members. But, in October 1995, change agent Bob Kunst took the helm. As president, Kunst and his association brothers fortified NPCA’s joint state membership program and, in the process, tripled membership during his one-year term.

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Charles Pomerantz

Charles Pomerantz was a pest management expert and self-trained entomologist who played a pivotal role in identifying the etiology of a 1946 outbreak in New York City of what was later named rickettsialpox.

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Dr. Charles Wright

The history of the pest management industry can’t be written without several chapters being devoted to Dr. Charles G. Wright. If you look at Wright’s role as the first state inspector of structural pest control in the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and his contributions to regulatory oversight at the state and national levels, and the impact of his research on an international scale, and it’s easy to see the impact he has had on the industry.

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