Norm Goldenberg (2008)

Truly Nolan, Orkin and Terminix — these are some big players in the pest management industry. Many PMPs will start off at these companies training and learning the craft, and then move on to their own endeavors.

But not Norman Goldenberg; the senior vice president of government affairs and industry relations for Terminix has used his vast experience for the betterment of each of these companies. That’s why we’re honored to welcome him as a member of the Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame Class of 2008.

All Over Florida

In 1962, Goldenberg graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in entomology. He immediately went to work full-time in Miami with Truly Nolen, where he was marketed in Yellow Pages ads as an
entomologist. His career in pest management had begun.

“Truly Nolen had me doing pest control, lawn care, termite work, clean-outs, inspections and sales,” Goldenberg says. “I was with Truly Nolen for about six months.”

With service all over the Miami area, Goldenberg realized it was becoming harder and harder for Truly Nolen to find things for him to do.

“Here I was, fresh out of school, an aggressive guy who wanted to really work in the industry. Eventually, I thanked Truly Nolen for the employment opportunity but said it was time for me to move on,” Goldenberg says.

He moved to Jacksonville and joined Orkin in as a salesman — a company he was already familiar with after having worked for the Atlanta-based firm putting fumigation tents on buildings during one winter break while at college.

During the next few years, Orkin moved Goldenberg all over the state of Florida. In August 1963 — during the Cuban Missile Crisis — he was transferred to Key West in his first management position.

“They had sandbags on both sides of Route 1 (the road to Key West), with missiles pointed at Cuba,” Goldenberg says.
During another historic time in history —
Nov. 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated — Goldenberg was again transferred, this time, to Sarasota.

From there, he began to move around the company — and the country —in a variety of management positions.

Constantly Moving

After stints with Orkin in Florida, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Shreveport, La. and Phoenix, Goldenberg opened offices for Orkin in Denver and Salt Lake City.

In 1969, he resigned from Orkin and went to work for Sanitas Service Corp., where he became president of and was responsible for acquisitions and operations. He was with Sanitas for five years.

After leaving Sanitas, Goldenberg purchased his first company: Lear Pest Control in Miami. This was later followed by the acquisition of Alert Pest Control, also in Miami. In 1987, he sold Alert-Lear to Waste Management. “I stayed with Waste Management and helped them buy several companies,” he says.

Goldenberg started with Waste Management as a district manager, but within a year he became the vice president of government and regulatory affairs for the firm’s pest management business. In November 1990, Waste Management sold its pest management and lawn care businesses to ServiceMaster, which had acquired Terminix International four years earlier.

“[Terminix’s Carlos Cantu and Hall of Famer Charlie Hromada] wanted me to stay on and continue to oversee government affairs and regulatory work,” Goldenberg says.
After Hromada’s retirement in 1997, Goldenberg relocated from his beloved Miami to Terminix’s headquarters in
Memphis, Tenn.

In 2005, Goldenberg was finally able to move back home to Miami. He still keeps offices in both locations and is heavily involved with acquisitions.

At 67, he isn’t thinking about retiring anytime soon.

“I’ve been in this business since for 47 years, and I still wake up early in the morning and love to come to work. Terminix and ServiceMaster have been good to me. I love the industry. I love the people externally. And I love the people internally at Terminix. When that love wanes, I guess I’ll retire.”

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