Class of 2006

Dr. Gary Bennett

Gary Bennett’s service to our industry began in 1954, when he started spraying pesticides at age 12 outside of structures as a technician’s assistant at his dad’s Lake Charles, La.-based Bennett Pest Control. It didn’t take Bennett long to work his way inside of structures … and our wonderful community of pest management professionals.

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Truly Wheatfield Nolen

Truly Wheatfield Nolen had just a sixth-grade education, but that didn’t stop him from creating a pest control legacy. Nolen had an unshakable belief in the American dream — and he chased it with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and vision.

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Bill Spitz

Bill Spitz built his company from humble beginnings into one of the leading firms in Texas by focusing on high-end clients, such as food plants, hospitals and hotels. Companies like Uncle Ben’s Rice and the American Can Co. bought into Spitz emphasis on professionalism, and stuck with him even when competing firms offered to do the jobs at a lower price.

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Jim Steckel

Jim Steckel’s father helped found the National Pest Control Association (NPCA) and served as its president 1937-38. Watching his father gather with other PMPs from across the country made quite an impression on the young man. Steckel’s defining moment — the one where he realized he’d be a PMP for life — occurred in the early 1940s, when his father took him to New York to help other PMPs fumigate the Queen Mary.

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