Class of 2005

Bob Jenkins Sr.

Although Bob Jenkins Sr. died in 1997, his memory is kept very much alive today in the industry. His sons — Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis — seem to be at every industry meeting created, and their generous, caring spirit has earned them a reputation of being models for the industry. Bob Sr., deserves much of the credit for the three men’s business sense and technical savvy. He dedicated his career to making good business decisions, sharing and learning experiences with colleagues, and enhancing the professional image of the industry.

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Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy tells his life story simply. He offers no exaggeration of his accomplishments and displays the self-deprecating humor one expects from the modest man from Dothan, Ala. Yet when an outsider looks back at the remarkable career of J. Paul Hardy, he realizes how many groundbreaking pest management strategies and products at least bear the in-direct imprint of his hard work and dedication.

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Jerry Mix

Mix was born to be a journalist, coming into this world on March 19, 1939, in Toledo, Ohio. His father, Nelson, worked for The Toledo Blade, the area’s most-visible newspaper. Like many aspiring journalists, he bounced around from job to job early in his career. But it was in the pest control industry where Mix found a more permanent home.

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Harold Stein Jr.

People told Harold (Hal) S. Stein Jr. — in no uncertain terms — that he would destroy the pest control industry. More than 30 years later, Stein has yet to destroy the pest control industry. What he has done is grow Crane Pest Control into a successful 80-employee, $9 million-per-year business.

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