Class of 2003

Dr. Walter Ebeling

The father of urban entomology. That’s how most PMPs and entomologists describe Dr. Walter Ebeling. A dedicated research entomologist, accomplished author, international consultant and valued teacher, Ebeling forged paths in insect behavior and control and laid the foundation of strong science for pest management professionals.

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Dr. Ralph Heal

Dr. Ralph Heal used his experience as an entomologist to lead pest management professionals during a time when respect between the two professions was not where it is today. Throughout his life, Heal was a professional and personal mentor to PMPs who valued his strong character, leadership and commitment to excellence.

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Dr. Doug Mampe

Dr. C. Douglass Mampe could have probably been inducted into the Hall of Fame strictly on his resume — past technical director of the NPMA, technical director of Western Industries, general manager of Residex, industry consultant and columnist and technical consultant — but it’s his behind-the-scenes efforts and quiet displays of industry support that pest management professionals have come to know and respect.

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Mark Weisburger

In a lifetime as a supplier to the pest control industry, Mark has represented professionalism at many levels, as well as commitment to people and the industry. He comes by this naturally, being the third of four generations to run B. & D.A. Weisburger Insurance, White Plains, NY.

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