Class of 2001

Mel Edelstein

In every small town, there’s that one guy who just seems to know everyone. If you count Florida as a small town, then that guy would be Mel Edelstein.

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Tom Evans

In ancient Greece, Atlas was a mythological figure upon whose shoulders rests the entire world. In the world of pest management, Tom Evans’ shoulders are strong enough to bear the weight of all the industry’s issues.

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Solomon Rose

Solomon Rose, founder of what’s known today as Rose Exterminator Co., emigrated to the United States as a fairly young man, although the details on his personal life are sketchy at best. It seems that he became an entrepreneur in Cincinnati, Ohio, starting in the 1840s-and ended up as a “vermin exterminator” by the mid-1850s.

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Vern Walter

Throughout Vern Walter’s life, he has traipsed through the pest management industry trying new locations and serving in a variety of positions, while touching other pest management professionals (PMPs) along the way.

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