Class of 2000

J.J. Davis

By today’s standards, Professor John June (J.J.) Davis would be considered a hero, a martyr, perhaps even a revolutionary. However, a victim of his time, some of Davis’ colleagues thought he was nuts.

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Harry Katz

While he passed up the chance to attend college in order to care for his parents and run the family hardware business, the wealth of knowledge that Katz has amassed from studying and working in the industry rivals that of many Ph.D. entomologists.

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Rufus ‘Red’ Tindol Jr.

People say that Rufus “Red” Tindol, Jr. is always smiling, and it’s true. He has the kind of face that prompts your own cheeks and lips to curl into a grin as soon as you look at the man. That smile shouldn’t be a surprise, though, because he has plenty to be happy about.

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Clayton ‘Bud’ Wright

Clayton “Bud” Wright built, from the ground up, what has become the largest distributorship dedicated primarily to pest management professionals (PMPs) in the Southwest. Seven offices, scattered throughout Texas and Oklahoma, enable B&G Chemicals and Equipment Co. to serve its customers effectively.

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