Class of 1999

Stanley Baker

In 1949, when Stanley Baker purchased the J.T. Eaton Co. from a man whose name he has long forgotten, Baker thought of himself as a peddler, but others think that Baker is one of the innovative pioneers who helped to pave the rodent control road toward the future.

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Norm Cooper

Cooper, former president of Exterminating Services Co., Inc. (ESCO), New York, N.Y., didn’t start out with aspirations to be a pest control operator (PCO). He wanted to “set the world on fire” with a syndicated comic strip. However, he soon found out that pursuing your passion doesn’t always provide your bread and butter.

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Norm Ehmann

It’s indeed easy to say that Norm Ehmann, vice president emeritus for Van Waters and Rogers (VW&R), is a living pest control industry legend. That’s the easy part. The hard part might be to define Ehmann’s professional career. Two simple words, “professional trainer,” might just help things along.

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Otto Orkin

Otto Orkin was introduced to the ways of pest control as a very young child. At the age of five, Orkin immigrated with his parents and five siblings from Latvia to Slatington, Pa. Soon he was in charge of keeping rats off the family farm, and by age 12 he was experimenting with arsenic to assist him in the task.

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